Prayer Request

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Pray for our Missionaries

Matt & Christine Hamb, 
Jake & Sarah Freels,
Lawrence & Melanie Tucker

Pray for Our Troops


Sgt. Kristopher Shaw
Sgt. Ryan Fredrick
Sgt. Blake Adams
Sgt. Brandon Reese
SPC4 Conner Elms
SWO Ken Horan
Jerrod Adcock
Tyler McVay PFC
Spc. Ellis Kacir
Justin Kirkland
Sgt. James Shepherd
Charles Mawson
LCPL Marina L. Bone
SPC Adam Apodaca
Cody Scott
Medic Brian Selkey
David Newton
James Boyle
Tanner Headsteam
Cameron Clark
Zach Allen
Louis Aquillar
John Price
Brandon Brown
Cpt. July Pack
Russel Freeman

LCLP Stephen Colby
MSgt. Lance Soto
LCPL Ben Sheely
Kevin Jones
LCLP Robert Sewell
Staff Sgt. Keith Svatek
Eli Brannon
USMC Jason Dunbar
Chris Schmidt
Christian Alexander
            Air Force

MSgt. Jason Cochran
Airman FC Kenna Baskin
Keith Kunkel
Charles Mawson
Andrew Brawner

SPC James Alex Baker
BSWN Kyle A. Kunkel
Joe Bod Wilson
MAS Stephen Lee Yasinoskey
Jerry Dean Henderson
Catherine Meiron
Jeremy Whitele
Drew Patterson

Riding through the Bible  2017

Sunday, October 22Psalm 115:1-8
Monday, October 23Psalm 115:9-13
Tuesday, October 24Psalm 115:14-18
Wednesday, October 25Psalm 116:1-6
Thursday, October 26Psalm 116:7-11
Friday, October 27Psalm 116:12-16
Saturday, October 28Psalm 116:17-19
Sunday, October 29Psalm 117:1-2

Weekly Activities

Monday Oct. 23

      * Barrels & Bibles 6:30pm

     * College & Career's 7:00pm

Tuesday Oct. 24

      * Ladies Bible Study 10:00am

     * Grief Share 6:00pm

Wednesday Oct. 25

     * Cookies here for BSM 9:00am

     * Lunch for BSM 12:00pm

     * Supper 5:30pm

     * Bible Study 6:30pm

Sunday Oct. 29


     * Worship Service & Nursery 8:00am

     * Adult Bible Study & Nursery 8:45am

     * Worship Service & Nursery 10:00am

     * Play~Day & Foot Back Goat Ropin' 1:00pm

     * Fellowship, snack 5:30pm

     * 2 Groups Meeting 6:30pm
                1. The Art of Marriage
                2. When God's People Pray

     * Church Soup Supper 7:30pm

Next Sunday Night October 29th 

Soup Supper & Fellowship

Cowboy Church will supply the meat and tomato base for a large pot of stew that we will cook outside during study time.
Please bring aomething to add to the stew... like potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, etc. Cornbread/Biscuits.

Cowboy Church of Erath County

4945 U.S. Highway 67

Stephenville Texas, 76401

(254) 968-2210

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